We have been into electronics repair and maintenance business for many years. We say that, no one understands electronics repair and servicing more than we do; we have all the instruments as well as our experience and our deep extent in research.

we deal in both light and heavy current electronics repair and servicing for the institutions, industries as well as hospitals. Most of this electronics includes motor controls, plc and scada, hospital electronics equipment, factory and plants' electronics equipment. When looking for electronics repair firms in Nairobi, emmih electronics becomes the answer to your problem.

We also solve problems that relate to vehicle electronics especially for the cars available today. Nowadays, it is of less use to take hybrid or much electronics dependent automobile to the old styled mechanics. The much they can do is to replace the whole faulty unit with a new one which ends up to cost you or at times a matching replacement lacks. In some cases, it might cost you just a little to restore the automotive electronics to working condition. In case of otherwise, we offer the best advice on the choice to make that will save you a fortune.

We only profit when we solve all your electronics technical hiccups. This is the reason why we are the most trusted industrial electronics repair and service station in Africa.

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