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Terms And Conditions

End user agreement
Your contact information will never be shared to the third party, or
anyone that do not work directly with Emmih Community.


  1. It is assumed that either by issuing invoice stipulated down payments, requesting for service to be initiated either verbally or in writing or meeting our set requirement for service to begin, you abide by all our set terms and conditions.
  2. A service fee is payable on fault diagnosis or on the unit that is to be serviced.
  3. It is assumed that items to be serviced are not in good order and therefore Emmih Company Limited is never held liable for any further damages or losses that may be resulted during the servicing.
  4. In case of the unsettled servicing arrears running for more than 3 month, the serviced unit may be given to auctioneers in order to recover the amount due.
  5. All uncorrected items attract storage fees calculated based on size, value or weight. Emmih Company Limited official determines the rate.
  6. A 50% down payment is payable to all repairs and is non refundable. Full down payment should be paid before the expiry of invoice validity period.
  7. In case of accidents or faults experienced on or with the unit after the service is done, Emmih Company Limited will never admit liability.
  8. Guarantees and warranties are covered only to the installed components or parts. Emmih Company Limited however will never effect the warranties to any other failures or failures as a result of acts on nature in a serviced unit.
  9. The service cost charges are based on the severe of the malfunction or based on the amount of service work to be carried out. All prices negotiations should only be done before the servicing process starts.
  10. The terms and conditions may be changed based on the nature of the carried out service.
  11. in case of a unit with stored data, any loss is not a liability to Emmih Company Limited.
  12. Payments Can be done either directly to Emmih Company Limited bank account or through their main lines money merchants.
  13. Returns and complains after a product service is done is accepted within 7 days and after the servicing and payment has been done.